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Leicester Hackspace

Leicester Hackspace, a venue for makers of digital, electronic, mechanical and creative projects, opened on 1st March 2014. Like other Hackspaces across the country, we are working to build a community of practical and creative people and provide them with a place to pursue their projects, share techniques and concepts and learn new skills.

We are currently situated on the first floor of unit 40 on the Faircharm Trading Estate with access to bike repair equipment, computers, a laser cutter (arriving ASAP), 3D printers, power tools and many other resources. This space is open to members 24 hours a day. We also run special courses and events, in programming, arduino, electronics, soldering, 3D printing and modelling, and more, which are open to members of the public.

There are people at the Hackspace who handle various more specialised things, please see Roles.

Go to the AGM page for details of elections and candidates for Directors.

This is the GM page which contains links to minutes of past meetings, where available, and the agenda for the next meeting.

If you are curious, here is a brief History, and Overview.

Web links

If you would like to request a wiki account please ask at an Open Hack Night, or via our Hackspace Social Media.

Data Protection

From May 25th 2018 the Hackspace had to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

This means that the Hackspace has to be able to tell members :

  • why data is collected,
  • what data it collects,
  • how is it used,
  • where is it stored,
  • how can it be deleted,
  • for digital data where the server is physically located and response if a data breach is detected.

For more information read on by clicking GDPR!

Members Page

Links to membership guide and other documents:


This section describes the fixed infrastructure that members have access to in order to build their own projects or repair their own equipment. None of this equipment may be stripped down, some of it requires an induction prior to use. It is up to the member to ensure they are competent before using any equipment. Other members will always help. The Hackspace is split into three areas, which can be thought of as a clean area at the entrance (Bay 1), a middle bay for 3Dprinting, milling machines (Bay 2) and a woodworking area (Bay 3)

Bay 3 This bay has the static woodworking machines together with a dust extraction system. Members must use the dust extraction system when using these machines and clean up any sawdust when they have finished.

Bay 2 This area does not have a dust extraction system. There is a shadow board on one wall containing hand tools.

Bay 1 This is the clean area and contains the

Other stuff


The Hackspace makes some occasional purchases, which come under either things agreed by a General Meeting, or a budget agreed for a particular group or team. This will all be summarised in the Accounts, but some detail may be of interest to members so may be found:

MediaWiki manual

MediaWiki official website