Rapid prototyping materials

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Few notes on materials one can use to quickly make prototypes

  • Polycaprolactone. It has physical properties of a very tough, nylon-like plastic that melts to a putty-like consistency at only 60 °C, easily achieved by immersing in hot water. PCL's specific heat and conductivity are low enough that it is not hard to handle at this temperature. This makes it ideal for small-scale modeling, part fabrication, repair of plastic objects, and rapid prototyping where heat resistance is not needed.


Youtube video link goes here

  • Sugru. Multi-purpose, non-slumping brand of silicone rubber that resembles modeling clay.


Sugru's strength has been tested by Tony during Sugru Event [Instructables]

  • Oogoo - "cheap sugru substitute". A mixture of silicone caulk [one that gives vinegar smell] and corn starch.

youtube video link goes here

Recipe [Instructable]

  • Modelling clay

A malleable substances used in building and sculpting, the material compositions and production processes vary considerably

Ceramic clay

Oil-based clay

Polymer clay - FIMO, Sculpey

Paper clay

  • Epoxy putty

  • Ethylene vinyl acetate. EVA foam sheets are widely used in crafts to make props, accesories and costumes.


Creating a EVA foam costume Instructable