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Hackspace Social Media

Some of these you can look at without login, others you need to contact us to be registered, so you can post, or in some cases see the media. Please don't forget the Leicester Hackspace Website as our main access point, and our Events Diary.

#Slack Channels

There are a number of channels, and more can be added as we may need them. A few important ones are:

  • #general team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel.
  • #events suggesting, discussing and organising events before they are advertised.
  • #all-cttes used to publish all LHS committee discussion to all members.
  • #jobs-needing-doing talk about jobs needing doing and offers to do them. These might be one-offs or longer term.
  • #projects discussion of projects people have or want to start (big projects should get their own channel).

The above are public channels, and there may also be private ones for special purposes.

Previous Social Media

There was originally planned to have an e-mail private "mail list" for the Hackspace, but instead a Google Group (which themselves are descendants of Usenet News Groups) was used instead. Unfortunately, this was under-used so we hacked something different! We also tried a phpBB Forum, but spammers made running this far too difficult.

We've also made some use of the #LeicesterHackspace IRC channel (you'll need an IRC client), located on: