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Machines - DNH ID means "Do Not Hack", else GEN label

SUGGESTION: 'Status' of some machines may sometimes change from DNH to GEN - I suggest that this info is not stored in ID as this should ideally be just a reference field.
A Status col coupled with DNH / GEN / HACK ME stickers will give us more flexibility

ID Item Notes Location Status
DNH0001 DesignJet 750C Plus Inkjet Plotter A1 carriage width. LHS DNH
DNH0002 VarioDrill Semi-automatic PCB Drilling Machine On semi-permanent loan from Tony Abbey. LHS DNH
DNH0003 Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner Donated by Tony Abbey. LHS DNH
DNH0004 Axomat5 Standard Photographic Enlarger Clive's Storage DNH
DNH0005 PowerCRAFT ZJ4116QA Bench Drill LHS DNH
DNH0006 PowerCRAFT ZIX-JF2A-210 Cut-off Saw LHS DNH
DNH0007 Roland Modela 3D Miller With piezo scanning head. On loan from Martin Raynsford. LHS DNH
DNH0008 Ungar HotVac Desoldering Station On semi-permanent loan from Tony Abbey. LHS DNH
DNH0009 FlashForge 3D Printer Makerbot 3D printer clone on loan from Sean Clark who is responsible for maintenance and safety inductions. LHS DNH
DNH00010 Knitting Machine From Hazel - loan status? LHS - Back of shelf 2 DNH
DNH000B Black & Decker KD577 Electric Drill Donated by Mick Taylor LHS - tool chest DNH
DNH000C Pantec "PAN 2200" Auto ranging Digital Multi Meter Donated by Mick Taylor LHS - tool shelf DNH
DNH000D Hameg "HM605" 60MHz Dual Beam Oscilloscope Donated by Mick Taylor LHS - tool shelf DNH



Other Items

  • LCXPresso development kits donated by Embedded Artists - LCPXpresso Base Board, Experiment Kit, Value Pack - available for workshops and loan with various add in ARM development boards.
  • Development kits donated by Farnell/Element14 - 4 off of each of STM32F030 Nucleo evaluation board, Freescale FRDM-KL25Z MBED enabled board, Xtrinsic MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board - these will be used in ARM processor workshops.
  • NXP 74LVC1G57 [1] Configurable Logic Evaluation Boards and support documentation - 20 off donated by NXP for a logic workshop
ID Item Notes Location