Starting a New Project

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Starting a New Project

There's a lot of parallels with Planning an Event. Please use face-to-face or our Social Media for discussing your project, but you shouldn't forget the Hackspace philosophy (for example see Sustainability) of getting started on it!

A project may start with an individual but will often need several people working together. Remember the 'magic number' of five, plus or minus two, as the number who can sensibly work together on a (single part of a) project. If you need more people than that you'll find you have sub-projects.

As in planning events, if you wanted to, a tool like Five Ws (this is a 5Ws overview) might help (though it was originally used by press reporters, you can use it for just about any design task), and there's a lot of support tools out there to help develop ideas - don't forget, different things work best for different people.

Past a certain point you need to look carefully about the resources needed for your project. Crowdfunding may be worth thinking about, and while Kickstarter is the famous one for creative work Patreon, or Buy me a coffee, may suit some creative projects.