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This is for use by members and visitors to the LHS. And, when you snack, you make the specified cash contribution to the Snackspace Contribution Pot (SCP).

Out of the SCP people, the Snackspace Administrator (who can call themselves the "Tea Lady", if they like), if no one else does it, buys more stuff to replace things running out and makes sure receipts are there in the SCP for that stuff. We keep an accounts book for Snackspace Admin, which is supposed to stay in the black. This goes in our yearly accounts.

People may contribute stuff to the Snackspace, we've a preference for things with a reasonable shelf life, without taking payment from the SCP. Short lifespan stuff (like doughnuts or cake) is left on a table near the Snackspace and marked "Please Eat Me!" (or maybe "Please Hack"...) and no money is expected to go in the SCP for those.

Fruit may be in the Snackspace, to encourage healthy eating. There's no charge for this. Milk is a bit tricky, as it is so perishable, but the Snackspace Administrator, with the help of others, tries to keep some there, in our fridge.

Please note the contribution for a "shot of milk" in the Co-working Area Kitchen, downstairs, is not part of our Snackspace system, and needs to be done separately.