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The following printers are connected to the network via a static IP address. As more ethernet ports are added to the network the IP address may change. Information is correct as of 1/5/19.


HP Laser Jet 3200  IP address port 9100 
HP Office Jet K7100  - A3 IP address port 9101 
(1/5/19 need to confirm ports - may be the other way round )

HP Design Jet 750C Plus is connected via ethernet IP address ?

A Canon MP260 is connected via the wifi, you can find its IP address from the maintenance page on the printer, currently it is


We currently have boxes of old cartridges and re-fillable ink which need sorting and disposing.

The Hackspace will purchase cartridges for the printers on the basis that members use them for small print jobs, for large print jobs members are expected to contribute to the costs through the normal donation jars.