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The Hackspace is set up as a “Company Limited by Guarantee” and one of the legal requirements is for current and past members postal addresses to be stored for 10 years.

This information is captured on the Hackspace membership form together with email address and interests. The form also allocates a membership number.

The GPDR states that data may not be processed unless there is at least one lawful basis to do so. There are two statements which apply to the Hackspace:

Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller (Hackspace) is subject.

  • Retention of members postal address for 10 years

Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller. (Hackspace)

  • Processing of payments and communication via email

This means that the Hackspace does not have to explicitly obtains members consent to store and process their information. ( However, the latest membership application form does have two tick boxes which inform the member that their information will be stored on a computer system and that they agree to receive occasional emails from the Hackspace.)

We have therefore concluded that the new GDPR does not affect the way that the Hackspace operates.

As a reminder, the Hackspace does not pass members email addresses onto any third parties .

Also, if you want to see a copy of your information stored in the Hackspace Management Information System (HMIS), email .

If you want to know how your data is stored , processed etc, then read on!

Where is my information stored?

The original paper membership forms are stored in the Hackspace in a locked filing cabinet.

Only directors and any member involved with the registration of new members have access to the filing cabinet.

All information captured on the application form is stored in HMIS.

HMIS is updated if any members information is changed, the original paper copies are not updated.

Email addresses, Given name, Surname and membership number are stored in Mailchimp for important communications to all members.

Access to HMIS and Mailchimp is restricted to Directors and members of the IT team.

Social Media

The Hackspace uses Slack for communications between members, new members email addresses are added to Slack and members invited to join. This is the preferred communication means between members on a regular basis. There are a number of channels which members can subscribe to, according to their interests. As a minimum it is recommended that members subscribe to

general - used for ad hoc communication events - used to inform members of internal and external events where help may be required. A specific channel may then be created for a particular event, e.g. creat-a-con Calendar - the Calendar on the website automatically posts to this channel

Facebook, Meetups and Twitter are used to publicise events to the general public. Membership of these groups is optional and initiated by the Hackspace member.

With their agreement event hosts may have their email address published on any of the above Social Media and the Hackspace website via the Google Calendar on the Diary page.

Members photographs may appear on the website if they have attended events where the Hackspace has participated.

Google Group was used in the early days of the Hackspace for member communication. Membership was voluntary. It has been suggested that this is closed down as it has been superseded by Slack .

Processing of Members Information

When an approved application form is received, all of the details are entered into HMIS.

On a monthly (more frequently if new members have joined) basis the membership secretary downloads the bank statement and imports it into HMIS.

HMIS processes the bank statement and flags payments from new members and members for which no payment has been received.

New members then receive a welcome email from the Hackspace gmail account with instructions on how to gain access to the Hackspace, and an invitation to join Slack. Their name and email address is entered into mail chimp to receive emails from the Hackspace, e.g. calling notices for meetings.

Members who fail to pay will be contacted by the membership secretary. If they have left the Hackspace their status is set to former.

Former members will have their details deleted from HMIS after 10 years.