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Leicester Hackspace induction of new members.

  • Information about Leicester Hackspace can be found in the Wiki tab at the top of the LHS webpage ( under Members Page / Members Guide.
  • A personal tour of the hackspace including how to access restricted machines can be arranged by contacting the Membership Secretary. (
  • The fire alarm is tested at 09:50 every Monday. If it sounds at any other time follow the signage and leave the building, DO NOT USE THE LIFTS. Fire instructions can be found on the inside of the door in room 1.01, please familiarise yourself with these. If you discover a fire raise the alarm from a call point, then leave the building and assemble at the top of Gosling Lane (to the rear of the building).
  • Never obstruct fire doors or prop them open.
  • Health and safety is your own responsibility, please be aware of others nearby and do not present a hazard to them.
  • All accidents, incidents and near misses must be reported on the form provided.
  • Use of Personal protective equipment – some machines require the use of PPE which is provided, please use it to prevent injury.
  • First aid – there may not always be a first aider on site, for minor incidents the first aid kit is provided adjacent to the door in room 1.01, for serious incidents contact security using the internal phones on 2222 or dial 9-999 and state the address: Innovation Centre, 49 Oxford St, Leicester LE1 5XY.
  • Items of equipment which cannot be hacked are marked as such.
  • If members bring their own tools or equipment into the hackspace they must be in a safe and serviceable condition.
  • Keep work areas clean – cleaning equipment is provided for this purpose.
  • Replace all tools and test equipment after use.
  • Waste recycling is provided in the hallways, battery recycling is on the ground floor in room 0.03.
  • LHS kit (test equipment, tools etc.) is not available for loan.
  • No smoking in the building.
  • If members bring a guest they are responsible for them while they are in the hackspace, (access, conduct, safety etc.).
  • If attending after 6pm please sign in and out at reception in the book provided.

Version 5, 17 Mar 2017