Hacking Infrastructure

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Hacking Infrastructure

(Also, Breaking Stuff)

In general, if you change something in the Hackspace, anything you think might be considered 'infrastructure', things likely to be used by multiple people, PLEASE TELL SOMEONE ABOUT IT.

Changes to infrastructure should as an absolute minimum be discussed or mentioned to one other person, preferably a long-standing member, and information needs to go to the more general membership. #donations is the #slack channel we generally use for this, because this covers donations of people's time, in improving stuff, as well as equipment.

Nothing like a full 'report' is needed, a few lines of text saying roughly what's been done, maybe about the size you could get in a 140 character text message.

We'd also like to know if something is damaged or broken, not to blame anybody, but so we know stuff needs fixing or replacing; things break, nothing lasts forever, PLEASE inform people.