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Events Contents [hide] 1 Events 2 Cost of an Event 3 Who attends 4 Paid-for Events Events[edit] This is about Hackspace Event policy. Please see Planning an Event for some ideas on putting one together.

Cost of an Event[edit] Mostly we recommend keeping payments low, so as to not discourage attendance. If people want to pay more, for example if they feel the event was particularly valuable to them, see Donations. Events just for members where there are no expensive materials supplied to attendees would not generally be expected to be charged for. There may be exceptions, for example for things like certificated skills.

If the attendees walk-away with something, other than things hacked from material they provided, we need to know if the Hackspace pays for supplied material, which may require agreement from members at a General Meeting. The exception is if the money has already been allocated, for example as budget for a project, or there is some external source of finance; we will still need to know about all this, to keep our accounts straight.

Who attends[edit] Please note Hackspace policy doesn't allow children (those younger than 16) attending any normal event without a parent or adult guardian, and general Safeguarding issues.

Paid-for Events[edit] Where money is involved things can get 'sticky'. Our general policy is that 50% of payment goes to the Hackspace, and the rest (divided equally) to those running the paid-for event. If expensive materials are needed for the event, like electronic parts, we will want to have a good idea how many are attending. For how people pay, see Donations, and we'll need information on how many attended for our accounts.

If an event has to be cancelled then, depending on how much notice we can give, we may need to consider apologies, which can usefully include any rescheduled date/time. Money taken in advance will generally be returned, if we've got a means to do so - some people have found PayPal can be a really bad way to do this.

Note that we'd not generally consider one-to-one instruction in the Hackspace, particularly on an informal basis, to be an 'event'. But, if this is paid-for, and is using the facilities of the Space, particularly on a regular basis, then the Hackspace would expect to take some, generally 50%, of the payment.

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