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EGM July 2016


As a result of a complaint about procedures, upheld by a vote, at the AGM 2016 it was necessary to hold an EGM. This will be held 7:30pm 13th July 2016 at the new Space in the Innovation Centre.

There are seven seats to fill (this is an agreed change from the AGM 2015 limit of five), including the seats of the standing directors.


  1. Report on the deliberations of the committee set up to review the Articles of Association - Ahmed Fareed
  2. Discussion on item 1 - please try and keep this to 15 mins or less to allow time for the other items tonight.
  3. Vote to accept the new Articles of Association or a follow up committee.
  4. Election of new directors.


These are as the AGM, but with the addition of:

  • Ben Humphris

Candidate statements

Ben Humphris

No statement received yet.

Minutes of 2016 AGM

You can find the minutes here:

2016 Minutes