AGM March 2015

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AGM March 2015


The AGM will be held on Thu 12th March, 2015, at 7:30pm.

See the agenda below, along with the AGM procedures and list of candidates below.

There are four seats to fill, including the seats of those standing for re-election. The voting method will be Single Transferable Vote.

The returning officer will be Chris James.


  • Apologies
  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Accounts
  3. Minimum Payment Discussion and Vote
  4. Acceptance of Chris James as alternate signatory in lieu of directors
  5. Elections
  6. Time for reflection on the coming year and outgoing director discussion
  7. Any other business - keep this short - there's Pizza on offer ;-)

Existing Directors

  • Hazel Smith -- not stepping down at this AGM
  • Tony Abbey -- standing for re-election at this AGM (see below)
  • Jenny Walklate -- stepping down at this AGM


Candidates (to be confirmed) in no particular order:

  • Rory McLean
  • Isis Raheem
  • Russ Johnson (TBC)
  • Keith Cummings
  • Tony Abbey (standing for re-election)
  • Phil Hayward (TBC)
  • Ahmed Fareed

Candidate statements

Some of our candidates have provided a short statement, please see below.

Rory McLean

I'm in favour of helping make things that I'm involved in work. This means supporting people in the ways that they want to use the Hackspace, and opening up possibilities to people in Leicester, and Leicestershire, about how Maker Culture could be relevant to their lives. With a broad, life-long, interest in how things work, and how to make them useful to people, and about twenty years experience as a director of a small business and computer system consultancy, I do like to work with people so that we all have as much fun as is reasonably possible.

If you want to know a bit more about my interests and background you could look at a micro bio I've put up on this wiki, or, chat to me!

Isis Raheem

I am a computer animation graduate, fine artist and beginner programmer.

I must say that I have no previous experience in such a role, but I have worked as part of many productive teams and would love to take on some responsibility at the space. My ideas for attracting new membership include running free Animation and Game Modelling workshops, possibly as part of a larger, on-going project, open to contributions from all members.

In closing, because I have not been a regular face at the hack space, I thought I’d add a link to my website so you can see the type of work I have produced. (Mostly uni stuff).

Feel free to drop me an email if you’ve got anything you’d like to ask.



(I’m also on Linked In) :)

Keith Cummings

I am a company director and knitwear manufacturer. I would like to become a director to use my experience to help make the space run smoothly. Previous experience as training officer with the Wigston diving club. I am interested in computer programming and 3D printing.

Tony Abbey

I retired from academia 3 years ago where I was an engineer/scientist working on Space projects. Now I have more time to give to the community I want to help Makers learn skills and I want to make the Hackspace work. This means spending as much time as I can afford to keep things running smoothly. I stepped in last year to swell the director numbers from 2 to 3 but I am seeking approval from the wider membership to confirm the role. I intend to stay in the job for at least a further year if I am re-elected. I have a good number of contacts in Leicester, having lived here for over 45 years, so I hope I can make things happen, or at least find someone who can. I am a committee member of several clubs and societies, so I am well aware of how to run such organisations, and I want to simplify the running of Leicester Hackspace as much as possible.

Ahmed Fareed

No statement received yet.

Minutes of 2015 AGM

You can find the minutes here:


2014 Accounts

You can find the accounts for the year to Dec 2014 here: