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Leicester Hackspace

Leicester Hackspace, a venue for makers of digital, electronic, mechanical and creative projects, opened on 1st March 2014. Like other Hackspaces across the country, we are working to build a community of practical and creative people and provide them with a place to pursue their projects, share techniques and concepts and learn new skills.

We have a space in the Innovation Centre with access to bike repair equipment, computers, a laser cutter (arriving ASAP), 3D printers, power tools and many other resources. This space is open to members 24 hours a day. We also run special courses and events, in programming, arduino, electronics, soldering, 3D printing and modelling, and more, which are open to members of the public.

There are people at the Hackspace who handle various more specialised things, please see Roles.

Go to the AGM page for details of elections and candidates for Directors. This is the GM Agenda page.

If you are curious, here is a brief History, and Overview.

Web links

If you would like to request a wiki account please ask at an Open Hack Night, or via our Hackspace Social Media.

Members Page

Links to membership guide and other documents:

Other stuff


  • Stuff that is looking for new home (private or in Hackspace). If you wish to help the Hackspace, or we've helped you are you want to show your appreciation, there's also a number of ways to give a monetary donation.


Donations policy is in the making so this is informal


The Hackspace makes some occasional purchases, which come under either things agreed by a General Meeting, or a budget agreed for a particular group or team. This will all be summarised in the Accounts, but some detail may be of interest to members so may be found:

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