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A Brief History of Leicester Hackspace (LHS)

A group of people got together in the Leicester Cultural Quarter, around the focus of the Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre. There were about twenty of them, and they gathered the back-end of 2013, inspired by places like Nottinghack, moving into a studio at the Makers Yard early 2014. The Leicester Hackspace, LHS, grew through 2014 and by 2015 was looking to move into a larger space. Mid-2016 LHS moved from one side of the centre of Leicester across to the DMU Innovation Centre, where 2017 it occupied two units. In December 2018 the Hackspace moved again to larger premises on the Faircharm Trading Estate

Regular events are run, both 'in house' and several times a year out at various gatherings, like Maker Fairs.

If you find this history useful or interesting, please make use of it to publicise the Leicester Hackspace.